In 1998 I arrived for the first time from Las Cruces (New Mexico) to Seattle. In my hometown never rains, here most of the time.

One of those rainy afternoons I get lost wandering through the city, the best way of discover it. Walking along Fremont Avenue I found an old used bookshop. Was the perfect place to rest from the continuous rain, get dry and find the strength to return home. Looking through the numerous books, I put my eyes in a particular one. It was old and in bad condition, but while opening it, something captured me. It was a mix of drawings, poems and collages without sense. A rare compilation of words and images, created by a genius, a lunatic or maybe both. I asked about the name of the author. This was the first time I hear about Roy Tiger Milton.

He was a local writer, one of those people aside from everything, from industry, sales, movement or trends. Someone obsessed with his work, witch seemed to be his only motivation. Only himself, his universe, for better or worse.

Since that moment I started to investigate more and more about the life and work of Roy Tiger Milton. It wasn´t easy. His work was poorly edited.

Only a few knows the artist. Maybe his work cannot be considered virtuous, but without any doubt, himself and his work are something amazing. I´ve been always attracted to those artists whose life and artwork are the same. Those artists whose best piece of work is their life itself. Without any doubt, Roy Tiger Milton is one of those.

I would like to use this web to make notice about bits of his works and discover something else about his life. I started with some poems, will be posting more stuff in the future. I do it for Roy, for my students and for myself. Because something leads me to do it. Because maybe his unfinished artwork wont end with his disappearance and has its continuity with other characters. Maybe me. Maybe you.